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My Anniversary

This is my personal One year anniversary, that is, my one year ‘COVID’ anniversary because this is when I started cancelling things; plane trips ( three to be exact), my gym membership, and hotel arrangements for the U.S Gymnastics Olympic team trials, to name a few.

This is when I started wearing a mask to work.

I’ve come to believe that hospital employees might be wearing masks forever.

It might be a thing, like stopping at the dispenser and washing your hands before entering a patients’ room. And like all things, there will be rebels. The hard-headed ones will come to work with colorful masks until management catches them.

When unmasked ( I couldn’t ignore the pun here), they’ll switch to the standard Level 3 tangerine shaded mask until their supervisor walks away, then Boom! they’ll whip out their bedazzled royal purple linen mask the blends perfect with their navy blue scrubs.

The second time they’re caught, they’ll plead for understanding, claim the coordinated look helps with their stress level.

We’re adjusting. Like everyone else, we each have our own coping mechanisms 😉


Reason # 924 I love NYC



We were out of COVID test kits.

It was for only a few hours.

It doesn’t mean we shut the doors. I’ll never be able to describe the surreal feeling of working in a hospital and hearing that news.

And, I don’t work in the ER

You bump into an Emergency room nurse, or for that matter, anyone who works in an ER, say “Thank you” to them. They go to work not having any, and I mean any idea, of what’s in store for them.  They are superstars to me!



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