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Nurse On The Loose

There are times when I’m not a very nice nurse and I’m not apologetic about it. It usually involves my family.

Case in point: As I dropped off my Mom and Dad at the ER entrance last night, I told my Dad to let the vomit land on the floor — he’d get taken back sooner.

When he was being seen by the triage nurse and a little too weary  to answer the questions as quick as they came, I gave the nurse my Eat $#%! and Die stare. I was ready to let my Mom loose on her.

Then, as he  sat with a headache bringing him close to tears, I casually mentioned to the receptionist that his pressure was close to 200/100 and asked if the triage nurse could recheck his pressure. I wanted her to roll a portable machine out to him, the goal being to emphasize that he needed monitoring. It worked. The triage nurse came out  with a wheelchair and took him to room 16.

Once he was seen by a physician, my Mom and I tag teamed hovering at the doorway ( she more than me – she’s inquisitive by nature). We stared at each medical person that walked by. I know this is annoying because I’ve been on the other side of it. Oh well…

It was an allergic reaction to a Betadine eye wash post an ophthalmic injection.

He is fine now.

I would say and do all the same things again in a heart beat.


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