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Dancing on the Dark Side

darthYes, the title is a teaser.

This post is about running a meeting, my first, at work. My shame will pass. If you’ve read the title, it  means you opened the post, so I’m halfway to getting a comment – that warm fuzzy feeling of having connected with friends and my WordPress family will propel me forward…

My loyal subjects were members of different areas in surgical services. The Director of surgery, she came for the first twenty minutes as she had things to share from our JCAHO visit ( A visit from JCAHO is like having Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Kylo Ren, Supreme leader Snork all come to see how things are going).

When she left, I put on my ‘Don’t Mess with Me, I’m in charge ‘ face. I got through half the agenda. Too many eyes were staring at me. Too many “Really, we’re away from our real jobs for this?” looks. Some appeared interested – I think it was a perfected practice. ( I know because I’ve done it)

See, I ran out of steam. I couldn’t pull it off. My eyes dropped to the paper in front of me. Thankfully, I had informative sheets to share from a meeting I attended a month earlier. A good five minutes was spent summarizing each.

After, two attendees from different departments discussed a solution regarding patient positioning for ERCP procedures. I beamed like a proud momma as they interacted in our little professional peer setting.

We adjourned the meeting and I walked away with the feeling that I could do this.

For another ten months.

Only ten months.

No more.


Find It Somewhere

ImageI am in a dark place about work, and to have any sense of honesty with my blog, I should share that.


So anyway… there is humor if you look hard, or have a coworker determined to have fun at work, JCAHO be damned!

See below:

Last week, a coworker, Robin, told me what I’d call a “funny”. I was hearing this second hand and presuming the scene played out like this:

“Nurse, I need a urinal.”

“O.K…( hands him the urinal)…let me pull the curtain.”

A minute passes.

“Nurse, I have a problem.”

“Yes” She peeks around the corner of the curtain.

“It’s too big.”

You know, Robin shared this exchange with me and she and I had a sincere debate as to whether he was referring to the urinal or the body organ he had to place inside it.


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