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From where I sat putting charts together for the next day I could hear it, a ” Hey, watch it!” and a ” No, don’t!” coming from the recovery room. Following that was a groggy loud ” I’m going!”

I stopped what I was doing and paused. There were always three staff members in the recovery area, and, if a problem, I would have heard anesthesia called overhead.

Then I heard the distinct voice of our lead Anesthesiologist, ” Watch it there! We’re not in the ring.”

He was already in there.

Then the hollering stopped.

Ketamine, that special dissociative anesthetic great for surgeries that don’t require muscle relaxation, but prone to cause hallucinations was strutting its stuff.

Too curious to stay seated, I wandered around the corner in time to hear our lead Doc say ” So glad I ducked in time. God Bless that baby dose of Narcan!”

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Prompt / Thank you Miss Hill!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 29/18


The dreams they tell, I don’ t always think it’s the anesthesia. I do wonder, but I say nothing out loud.

” There were three of them, big playing cards, just like the movie Alice In Wonderland, you know, the mean  Queen of Hearts, flat card body with her square  head on top and the Jacks lined up behind her, but no heads in my dream, just life sized cards falling out of a window. And me, down below, thinking I could catch them. Then the luau started…”

Now he’s waving his arms left and right. I reach quick for his swinging IV tubing and turned to the CRNA for the remainder of report.

” …and he got some Ketamine due to sensitivity to the Propofol and Fentanyl”

Aah, good old Ketamine.

” You girls are so pretty with your crowns on… hey, my dream, what does it mean?”

Vital signs good, abdomen soft, no pain.

“Sir, I think you should ask someone else…after your medicine wears off.”


Eenie, meenie…I pick Propofol

Patient waking up from Propofol: “You are awesome! Thank you for everything.”

Patient waking up from Ketamine: “There’s two of you standing there. Which one’s the real you? I want my mommy.” (Adult patient)

Patient waking up from Propofol : “Wow, that was the best sleep ever!”

Patient waking up from Ketamine: “I can’t feel my legs! Are these my fingers?”

Patient almost ready to get up after sedation with Propofol: “How come I can’t work today? I feel fine!”

Patient almost ready to get up after sedation with Ketamine – they have a silly grin on their face and are Hula dancing in bed.

                                                          Today was busy, busy but fun.

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