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Any Doubts, Keep the Tray Out

To the nurse I yelled at on Sunday night:

We’d been in the OR suite since 0630 that morning. We did five surgery cases before we cleaned OR suite three to pick up your patient. Two of the prior patients were in the oldest beds in the hospital — you yank, twist, and turn to get those kinds of beds on the elevator. One of the patients came down with five family members trailing behind, each with a bag of food from McDonalds. No one had eaten since 6 am.

You told me at 4:30 pm that your patient only had breakfast for his 6 pm surgery. At 5:45 pm, in pre-op, he told our anesthesiologist that he had lunch, not just liquids, rice and beans, at noon.

We couldn’t do surgery until 8 pm. No one lived close enough to go home for a bit.

A staff of seven waited an extra two hours. When all was done, the clock read 10:15 pm.

I know it was unpleasant to have two additional calls following my scathing call to you. And you were doing so well – the patient with the ectopic pregnancy – your pre-op check list – exquisite! But the anesthesiologist, I had to let him rant. He had another 12 hours in OB to manage.

We were tired, some were hungry, and some had to get up at four in the morning the next day.


So…you look about 22, maybe a year out of school. Maybe I’ll come by next week and tell you some of the doozy mistakes I’ve made.

It’ll get better. I promise.


Chen Song Ping

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