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My Anniversary

This is my personal One year anniversary, that is, my one year ‘COVID’ anniversary because this is when I started cancelling things; plane trips ( three to be exact), my gym membership, and hotel arrangements for the U.S Gymnastics Olympic team trials, to name a few.

This is when I started wearing a mask to work.

I’ve come to believe that hospital employees might be wearing masks forever.

It might be a thing, like stopping at the dispenser and washing your hands before entering a patients’ room. And like all things, there will be rebels. The hard-headed ones will come to work with colorful masks until management catches them.

When unmasked ( I couldn’t ignore the pun here), they’ll switch to the standard Level 3 tangerine shaded mask until their supervisor walks away, then Boom! they’ll whip out their bedazzled royal purple linen mask the blends perfect with their navy blue scrubs.

The second time they’re caught, they’ll plead for understanding, claim the coordinated look helps with their stress level.

We’re adjusting. Like everyone else, we each have our own coping mechanisms 😉



The other day a nurse from a separate area came by and reported she had completed the phone calls for surgical patients coming in the following morning.

I expressed my appreciation with enthusiasm. We’d had one of those ‘back to back patients’ days and it was great to know that task was done.

Her response dampened my spirits.

” Hey, you do stuff for me, so I do stuff for you. That’s how it works.”

I reflected on this the way home.

rec·i·proc·i·ty /ˌresəˈpräsədē/


  1. the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.

This creeps me out. Am I the Pollyanna I keep refusing to be called? Can’t people do things because it’s right to do them? Or simply because it’s a task needing to be done. Maybe because helping others feels good – Yep, I said it. It feels good.

And, I’m mature enough to realize that if I’m doing stuff for someone over and over and there a trend of what is starting to feel like a one way street, I need to come to terms with what is underneath my repetitive action( and I’m not talking about things like sponsoring a child in foster care).

I know what co- dependency is.

I decided to not let this take up any more space in my brain. I came to the realization my peer was just calling a spade a spade. And, that the next time she needs some help with something, I better say yes 😂

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Ten Reasons You Should Read My Blog

  1. I make a solemn oath not to gross you out with any vivid description of body excrement or organs pulled from open incisions.
  2. When I digress into random musings and come up with poetry, it’s rare. And, that’s good. My poetry leaves much to be desired.
  3. Somewhere in here is good advice about how to prepare for your colonoscopy, haha.
  4. I will only make fun of myself, not my patients.
  5. I reveal at least two good secrets.
  6. This is your chance to see what makes a nurse tick.
  7. I may take care of you someday; complimenting my writing will get you everywhere.
  8. Surfing the Web will give you Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I swear, it will. This is better.
  9. People think nurses are always so serious. Read some of my posts. I’ll prove that theory  wrong.
  10. And #10, my mother says it’s good, and she’s a tough critic. If she likes it, you should too.

The Family That Plays Together…

“Girls, do you think you’ll get the tree up by Friday?” The Director asked in the kindest way.

We kept stuffing papers into charts, filling out Universal Protocol sheets, and looking for H&P’s on the total joint cases for the next day. Partly out of embarrassment of not having it up and partly because, well, the charts had to be done, some of us avoided eye contact with her (I was one of them).

“We’ll do our best,” came from the nurse who stayed later than most of us quite frequently.

Ten minutes after she left, as we continued to work, a peer from surgery came around with her laptop.

“I’ve got five minutes then I need to get back.”

She hollered out for the spelling of peoples last names, repeated the date we were going, and reminded everyone how much it was going to cost.

We all had questions.

“Will they provide bullets?

“Will they have ear muffs? It’s going to be loud.”

“Can we keep our targets?”

We have bonded over food, people’s successes, people’s pains, and the pure craziness of life as a nurse.

It was certainly going to be different, a group outing to a gun range for a “first timers” lesson.

And we did get the Christmas tree up the next day 🙂



First Impressions

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Last week I was going to my first PNC meeting — that’s Professional Nurse Council. I brought edited notes from the subcommittee of which I’m part of. I put on my game face. I even wore my good scrubs — the $50 dollar ones, wrinkle free, tailor fit. And initially, I was glad I did.

The facilitator, a PACU nurse, and her sidekick, walked in looking immaculate. With their white monogrammed lab coats, they looked like they could be models for the cover of a Nursing magazine. They both carried notebooks, and wrapped around the edges of the notebooks I could see well-manicured fingernails. As the group leader sat down at my right, she surprised me with her first comment.

“I don’t have an agenda.”

I sat back in my chair, relaxed my shoulders, and took a second to note the hair extension she was sporting. With it clipped below her banded ponytail, waves of auburn hung down below her shoulder blades.

Uh-uh. That’s a hospital no-no. I’m taking off points!

She went on.

“But, we have Nurses Week coming soon, so there’s plenty to talk about.” Our fearless committee leader then pushed her notebook away and facilitated 45 minutes of conversation around food, ice cream, themes, and more food ideas.

I’ve been on the other side of this, meaning simply the recipient of these selected calories, lots of calories, calories that I don’t need or don’t have the self-discipline to say “No” to. I wanted to suggest passing out granola bars, but thought twice, these were the cool nurses in here.

When the meeting over and jobs delegated, I walked away with a better appreciation of the work that goes on behind the scenes, the conviction not to be intimidated by a committee’s title, and a little superiority complex because I would never dream of wearing my hair down at work.

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